Catapult has new rules. Rules that will assure you and your family, what a Catapult, is a safe and clean place to have fun!

A Catapult employee will take your temperature upon entering, with a temperature gun. If your temperature is above 100 F. We can not allow you to enter the park.

Catapult guests must use hand sanitizer upon entering, which is located at the front door.

Please, use masks! We have masks for sale if you need one.
Please if you are going to wear a pair of gloves, please use a fresh pair when entering the park.
Please be responsible and use the hand sanitizers. Dispensers are located throughout the park.

Social Distancing is a Must. When at all possible try to stay 6′ apart from other guests.

Please, follow Catapult’s Rules and Regulations We are a team and as a team we want All to be safe. Let’s maintain a safe distance for all to stay healthy.

Siga estas reglas y todos podemos divertirnos y permanecer libres COVID-19.